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A word press blog about The Albee Agency

The Albee Agency invites you to discover what our book publicists and book marketing campaign experts can do for you. Obviously, it all starts with your manuscript and we look forward to reading it.

We accept all genres from non-fiction and biography to children’s stories and science fiction. Whether you have a publisher in place or are considering POD, the Albee Agency’s team of experts will access your material and begin a conversation with you on what you are looking for in terms of publicity and marketing. Every writer has their own goals and objectives. That is why we customize each publicity campaign to meet the interests of our writers. Some authors want to focus their campaign on political outreach, others on guest appearances on their favourite radio program.

We have a few suggestions on the time frame to get your campaign in gear.

Since most media editorial calendars are booked 30-60 days ahead of time, it is best to engage us 30-60 days prior to publication, as long as your proofed manuscript is available for reviewers.

This gives us time to get your book reviewed. We will then create your press kit…and your reviews will be an integral part of your press kit. The Albee Agency prides itself on creating unique and innovative press kits for our writers.

With this timeframe we will have time to get you booked for interviews around the release date. It also gives us time to arrange for your book tours. This is the optimal scenario.

Also don’t forget your website!  Our team at the Albee Agency believe that every writer’s publicity campaign must start with an efficient and tech savvy website. And of course it will be aligned with social media like Facebook, Twitter and your writer’s blog. We are happy to talk with you about your writer’s site and integrate it into the campaign.

With this 30-60 day window, the Albee Agency will have plenty of time to coordinate your publicity and marketing strategy and get you and your book in front of the public. With so many outlets and online marketing being so important in today’s marketplace, we recommend you call us soon and get started!